CETF Report: Catalyst for Action

The California Emerging Technology Fund has published their annual report celebrating ten years of achievement.


10 Years of Achievement in Closing the Digital Divide

The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has been on a mission over the last decade to forge partnerships and foster public policy to close the Digital Divide. This work has been strategically-focused, results-oriented, and people-centered. CETF has been guided by a Strategic Action Plan adopted by the Board of Directors in 2007 after reviewing existing research and gathering input statewide from community leaders about what works to advance Digital Inclusion. It was peer reviewed by more than 60 stakeholders convened by the California Foundation on the Environment and Economy. It became clear through this fact-finding and listening process that the challenges were too great and the state was too big for CETF alone to get the job done—CETF had to become a “catalyst for action” by setting overarching goals for broadband deployment and adoption and then enlisting existing civic leaders and community organizations to help achieve them. We had to align efforts and leverage resources.

The Full Report is HERE.

I will do some analysis of each section of the report that is applicable to rural broadband. I did not agree with all the finding of past reports, as rural Sierra Counties were left out of the surveys. I am hoping rural Sierra communities concerns and issues are addressed in the report. Stay Tuned


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