Trump Receptive On Broadband?

During Wednesday’s House Energy and Commerce Committee markup, multiple Democrats harped on the lack of dedicated broadband money in the White House infrastructure proposal. “Will this committee take the lead?” asked Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). Chairman Greg Walden (R-Ore.), who was among lawmakers meeting with President Donald Trump earlier Wednesday on infrastructure, reassured Welch that he has “got this one.” Walden added that he “made that very case” at the White House. “I was encouraged there is some money, at least allegedly put aside in the proposal,” Walden said. “The president’s willing to work with us to build upon that.”

A White House official told POLITICO there’s no limit to how much of its proposed rural fund of $50 billion could go to broadband (although the administration outline allows states to use that money for roads, bridges, broadband and more, meaning there’s no limit to how little could go to broadband, either).

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

Without a specific carveout, it is highly unlikely California rural broadband constituents will see any of the $50 Billion. The Governor is in control of how those funds are distributed and Governor Brown has other transportation and water priorities that will cast a significant shadow on rural broadband needs.


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