The Risks and Rewards of Municipal Broadband

Corning Glass introduces a new term for fiber connections “ultra-broadband”.

Broadband is the most important infrastructure investment a community can make, especially as a new generation of connection is upon us: ultra-broadband.

Ultra-broadband enables much faster speeds than broadband’s first generation, typically 100 Mbps or faster. It delivers low latency, helping satisfy requirements for emerging applications like telemedicine and virtual reality. Typically delivered by a deep fiber broadband network, ultra-broadband ideally drives fiber all the way to the locations where people live and work.

While the full article HERE is promoting fiber communication technology, it makes some important economic development observations. The more fiber optics in the community, the higher level of economic development. The more fiber, the more attractive a community is to millennials.

The article notes that 5G networks require extensive fiber backbone networks. In studying the 5G infrastructure, with extensive mini-cells ever 150-300 feet, I often wondered why not just go the extra 100 feet and pull the fiber to the home or business and forget the mini-cells and their visual clutter.

H/T to readers who sent me the article.  I encourage all readers to share broadband-related material they discover.


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