FCC Broadband Report Looms

The FCC’s first report on U.S. broadband deployment under Republican Chairman Ajit Pai could surface as early as today. (The agency must do so by a Sunday deadline.) In a move that pleased many Democrats, Pai stuck with the current speed benchmarks for broadband internet service and concluded that mobile broadband is not a full substitute for a residential internet connection.

But both FCC Democrats have taken issue with the report’s finding that the FCC is fulfilling its mandate to encourage broadband deployment in a reasonable and timely manner. It comes down to numbers. While Democrats say 24 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet service, Republican Commissioner Mike O’Rielly says it’s actually 14 million, according to an early excerpt of his statement shared with MT. “Not to diminish this figure, but it is important that we accurately describe the problem,” said O’Rielly, who voted to approve the report. The dispute is based on whether to include satellite broadband offerings in the deployment data.

Source: POLITICO Morning Tech

The Fact Sheet for the 2018 Broadband Report can be downloaded here: FCC BB Report 2018 Fact Sheet


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