The BDAC’s Digital Divide

The Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee held a marathon two-day session at the FCC this week to discuss issues like removing state and local barriers to extending high-speed internet. But long-simmering tensions over whether local governments are adequately represented among the group’s membership spilled over into a “minority report” that warned the committee has “failed to live up to its mission.”

– Here’s a sample: “What was originally communicated as a broad mandate to find collaborative solutions has been handicapped by a fundamentally flawed structure which failed to balance the interests of all stakeholders … and has resulted in recommendations in favor of industry favored solutions,” the report said. It’s backed by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo; McAllen, Texas, City Attorney Kevin Pagan; and New York City Chief Technology Officer Miguel Gamiño Jr., among others.

– The FCC did not comment when asked about the minority report. Pai, who spoke at the start of Tuesday’s BDAC meeting, said the agency will take action on the recommendations from the committee once they are finalized.

Source: Politico Morning Tech



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