Lawmakers To Trump: Don’t Forget Rural Broadband

“President Donald Trump’s still-unreleased infrastructure plan is already facing one big demand from dozens of lawmakers: a dedicated pot of money for rural broadband,” John reports. Trump has repeatedly pledged to promote faster internet service for rural communities, a key part of his base, but White House officials have said the infrastructure plan isn’t expected to earmark money for internet service. “Rural America was a big vote for Donald Trump, and he’s turning his back on them,” said Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.). “It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a red state or blue state. … We are in desperate need for a set-aside.”

Source: Politico Morning Tech

Is this another sign that Trump is throwing in with the big telcos and G5 as the solution to rural broadband? In my view, this would not be a good deal for rural broadband and rural economic development. Rural communities will be the last to get G5 is they get it at all.  Once again rural communities would be left out of the digital economy.


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