National Parks Become Digital Battle Sites

In the Insight Section of the Saturday [30 Dec] Sac Bee's Stuart Leavenworth has an article discussing the expanding use of cell phones in National Parks and the opposition by environmental organizations.  The part of the article which caught my eye was legislation supporting the expansion of cell tower on rural public lands to assist … Continue reading National Parks Become Digital Battle Sites


Broadband as Essential Infrastructure

By Russell Steele ( Submitted to The Union for Publication 18 December 2017.) Update: Article was published on 9 Jan 2018: According to a recent Brookings Institute Metro Policy Paper in less than two decades broadband access has become one of the foundations of the American Economy, joining clean water, waste management, and energy … Continue reading Broadband as Essential Infrastructure

RF Energy to Treat Alzheimer

There has been a lot of concern and some brew ha ha about the danger of cell phone radiation. Details here and here. Here is another view on the potential benefits of cell phone radiation. Radio Amateur's Invention to Treat Alzheimer's Patients Going to Clinical Trials Inveterate inventor and radio amateur Eric Knight, KB1EHE, may be … Continue reading RF Energy to Treat Alzheimer

Missing Trump Infrastructure Broadband Funds??

This disturbing news for potential rural broadband customers comes from Politico's Morning Tech newsletter: "Although the Trump administration doesn't seem inclined to set aside funds for broadband deployment in its forthcoming infrastructure bill, the White House national security strategy released Monday highlighted the need for next-generation 5G wireless to maintain U.S. competitiveness. "We will improve … Continue reading Missing Trump Infrastructure Broadband Funds??

Ericsson, to Provide 5G Gear for Verizon mmWave Networks in Sacramento?

Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson said that it will provide US telco Verizon with networking equipment for their commercial 5G launch. Verizon will deploy the pre-standard 5G commercial radio network and the 5G Core network in select markets in second half of 2018. Verizon has announced that Sacramento is one of those markets. “Our pioneering … Continue reading Ericsson, to Provide 5G Gear for Verizon mmWave Networks in Sacramento?