Who’s Spinning the World Wide Web? A Look at Broadband Connectivity

Post by Michelle Gartner. Sr Program Manager at SBC.

I’ve always been curious about technology and how it works. Since embarking on my new position at Sierra Business Council managing the Gold Country Broadband Consortium, my curiosity around how we are connected to the World Wide Web has grown. I’ve been trying to uncover who owns all the wires connecting us to the Internet, where the various wires are that make up the World Wide Web, and how to gain high-speed access for unserved and underserved communities. The biggest spiders are the telecoms that own most of the fiber, coax cable, copper and the conduit to deploy it, but they’re not connecting everyone and turning off service for some. People can dig their own trench, pay an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to lay the conduit and the wire to connect them and the ISP will own the conduit and the wire. It’s a complex Web that not long ago was being built by only a few spiders.

Read the whole post HERE.

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