If Big Telco’s do not First Succeed, They Try Try Again

The FCC formed the Broadband Development Advisory Committee earlier this year, noted HERE that failing to gain state leverage in an unfettered installation of G5 networks the big Telcos will resort to federal mussels to have unrestricted infrastructure access.

According to a post at Steve Blum’s Blog the BDAC “…is top heavy with lobbyists and others from big and mid-sized telecoms companies, very weak on local or state government representation and devoid of any municipal broadband experience. The committee spun off five working groups, including one tasked with writing model laws for states to adopt or, potentially, for the FCC to impose through its assumed preemption powers.”

There is more discussion HERE. I agree with Steve’s Conclusion:

The FCC’s model state code working group is expected to finalise its recommended policy in January. After that, expect the political money men to pressure the FCC to impose as much of it as it can on a federal preemption basis, and then deploy to state capitols to mop up what’s left.

Due to the infrastructure density required by G5, if the Telcos have to negotiate with every, county, city, town and village it will take ten years to install G5 at twice the estimated cost, and by then G6 technology will be on the cusp of installation. In the meantime, there will be millions of citizens left without access to the digital economy that is swirling around them.

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