Broadband as Critical Infrastructure

On November 8th of this year in a California Advanced Services Fund presentation, Cynthia Walker who is the Director of the Communications Division, outlined some Big Picture Ideas for Discussion in implementing AB-1665 and changes to the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Program.

Those ideas are presenting in the graphic below:

Big Items for Discussion_Slide#6

I would like to offer one more Big Picture Idea for Discussion.

Designate Broadband as Critical Infrastructure — recommend county and cities put broadband requirements in their General Planning Documents as they address other critical community infrastructure needs water, sewer, power, and transportation.

I recommend that broadband requirements should be in the affordable housing element, establish dig once trenching rules in land use and transportation elements. Every economic development element should include broadband as a critical economic development tool. Every environmental element should consider the reduction in transportation generated CO2, as more citizens work remotely, shop online and gain access to health care via teleconferencing. The State of California General Plan Guidelines for 2017 touches on broadband but does not address its impact on planning elements.

If the CPUC is serious about engaging local government and community leaders put broadband requirements in General Planning Documents.


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