More Broadband Mapping Angst

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) is the latest lawmaker to say the FCC needs to step up action on broadband mapping. “My constituents have repeatedly expressed frustration with their limited access to broadband Internet, calling into question FCC’s census-based maps that inaccurately claim otherwise,” he wrote Thursday in a letter to Chairman Ajit Pai, criticizing the data collection methods that generate the mapping.

Source: Politico Morning Tech

The California Public Utilities Commission has recognized the broadband mapping problem and is working on a process to record the actual upload, download, and latency of broadband connections. They will be able to plot the real speeds and not the advertised speeds and coverage provided by the providers.

Here is a sample of a recording I have made using a low-cost computer [Raspberry Pi 3] and some open source software. The graphic is generated by a Python program that I wrote to display selected data. Below is download speed for eight days from my WAVE Broadband connection.

Wave Speed Test

As you can see my connection is not as stable as I would like. We recently had the Wave Tech out for a visit and stability has improved. A friend is currently using my recording box to validate the random drop out of his broadband signal.

There are solutions out there; it just takes the political will to implement some of the more useful answers. The CPUC is working on one possible solution, more details as they unfold.

Here is another graphic showing all three recorded parameters.

Wave Tri Display

Note the upload speed is one megabit or less. This is what prompted a Wave Tech visit. The upload speed is now between 6-7 Mbps after the visit. We changed some cables from flat to round with a twist. I will post an update when my recording box returns.

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