Broadband redlining in rural California, a tale of two mayors

Steve Blum’s Blog has an interesting account of broadband in two communities, one with fiber built with public money and another community split between two incumbent providers with no incentive to improve their broadband service.

More details HERE.

I draw readers attention to the economic benefits of having high-speed broadband in your community. Oroville Mayor:

You can actually drive down [highway] 162 and see on one side of the street where Comcast is a provider, which does a significantly better job, and you can see the development. On the other side where you have AT&T…it looks like a slum. It’s that big of a difference. And it’s that side of my community that is where my industrial development would happen.

I also draw the readers attention of how one small town in Idaho solved the problem, they installed a municipal fiber network, treating the network as critical infrastructure just like water, sewer, and power.

More details HERE.


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