Fixing the USA and CA Out of Date Broadband Maps

The US Broadband Maps are three years out of touch with reality, with the last update in June 2014. The previous update to the California Broadband Maps was December 2015. The FCC and the CPUC recognize these out of date maps are a problem.


All over the map: Pai told lawmakers he’s secured a reprogramming of funds from the Hill “to enable us to discharge that important function” on broadband mapping, following three years with no update to the National Broadband Map. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel noted that’s only for wired broadband and thinks it should also include wireless. Pai said it’s all subject to congressional appropriations.

Source: Politico Morning Tech


See post at CPUC Wants to Collect Actual Broadband Speeds


The current Broadband Maps are based on advertised speeds and coverage by the providers. These maps proved to be unreliable as they are based on the premise that if one user in a census block had broadband, all the homes and business in the census block had coverage. While consulting for SEDCorp and the Gold County Broadband Consortia, I demonstrated the problems with this logic by plotting the physical broadband access and speeds on a map. This data provided to the CPUC resulted in a new layer added to the CA Broadband maps, a Public Feedback Layer.


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