Governor Brown Veto for SB-649 “Small Cells Bill”[Updated]

Governor Brown’s veto message is here: Sb_649_Veto_Message_2017

Full implementation of the G5 Networks will require small cell towers on every corner, this veto will require the cellphone providers to negotiate with every county, city, town, and village in California, which will delay the rollout of this vital technology for self-driving vehicles.  Communities that embrace the technology will have a competitive advantage over the laggards.  The question is, which rural communities are, going to recognize the advantage and step up to be first and not the last.

Update 10-17-17

– The cities of California thank Brown, said League of California Cities President Rich Garbarino: “Cities support expanding connectivity but not through a policy that would have shifted power and resources from our communities to a billion-dollar industry.” Wireless Infrastructure Association President Jonathan Adelstein issued a statement expressing disappointment and said California must act on permitting and rights of way “or its residents will be left behind.” CTIA Senior Vice President Jamie Hastings echoed the disappointment and said the veto risks slowing California’s 5G deployment. “Twelve states have already enacted legislation to streamline deployment,” Hastings said. 

Source Politico Morning Tech

That makes 12 states more competitive for self-driving vehicles than California.

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