FCC Chairman Supports Rural Broadband

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai secured his reconfirmation Monday evening in a mostly party-line 52-41 vote, though some Democrats vote for his confirmation. The Democrats that voted for Pai liked his position on rural broadband.

“I just need a lot of help in West Virginia, and he’s been moving in that direction,” former Commerce Committee member Manchin said, lauding Pai’s work in “trying to get the rural broadband fund moving.” Pai is “working with us,” Manchin said. Peters also mentioned rural broadband, singling out Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as an area in need: “I found him very receptive to ways to expand broadband access.”

Source: Politic Morning Tech

Rural broadband needs all the help it can muster.  The last mile for many rural users is more expensive than they can afford, they are going to need some help building out the infrastructure. One solution is the Whitespace TV option with requires FCC action to reserved the whitespace channels.


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