Nevada City says ‘no’ to Verizon, again

Nevada City councilmembers struck down an appeal from Verizon Wireless on Wednesday night for its application to install wireless infrastructure in the downtown historic district that was denied by the city’s Planning Commission in Sept. 2016.

Nathan Giguiere, an employee with Epic Wireless representing Verizon, said the company is still searching for an appropriate site to install cell antennas in an effort to boost coverage in downtown Nevada City.

Full Report in The Union HERE.

How important is good cell phone coverage you ask?  Here is one report:

A new study from RootMetrics has revealed that U.S. adults seem to care more about cell phone reception than the quality of neighborhood schools when buying a home.

The survey of 2,000 Americans found that 60% rank good school districts as important, compared to 76% who called out mobile service—the same proportion that ranked hospitals as essential.

Even more important? Ninety-six percent listed crime rate, 90% local taxes, and 84% amenities like shops, parks and restaurants.

Though respondents in all age groups (even those most likely to include parents of young kids) said cell service was more important than school district, older adults unsurprisingly tended to rank hospitals as increasingly more important.

Here is another report:

Millennials are hooked on smartphone technology as witnessed everyday at restaurants, in traffic, and on public transportation. A new study by Zogby Analytics brings to light just how intense this obsession is.

According to the study, 87% of millennials say their phones never leave their sides. The first thing that 80% of millennials do every morning is reach for their smartphones, and 78% spend more than two hours a day texting, surfing, talking, and tweeting.

Millennials love the ease and speed of using their smartphone camera as a tool to get things done. About 60% say that everything will be done on mobile devices within the next five years.

More than 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 34 were surveyed. One of the biggest features millennials say they love about their phones is the camera, which they use for more than just taking selfies. About 90% of the people surveyed reported using their smartphones to take pictures at least once a week.

More importantly, millennials use their phone for businesses — shopping, banking, and more. Almost 50% use their smartphones to access businesses at least once a day.

How long will the millennials hang around Nevada City to shop with crappy cell phone service?   Maybe the City Council has an answer?

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