Senate & House Democrats Unveil ‘A Better Deal On Universal High-Speed Internet’

The U.S. Senate and House Democrats unveil one of the critical tenets of their new economic agenda – “A Better Deal on Universal High-Speed Internet.” The Senate and House Democrats will say that far too many Americans – many of them located in rural communities – lack the access to the high-speed, high-quality Internet that they need to succeed in a 21st Century economy. This vital component of the Democrats’ Better Deal agenda proposes to bring high-speed, affordable Internet to every American by investing $40 billion in federal dollars to build the kind of broadband infrastructure that will finally connect rural communities. The Democrats’ plan would also upgrade the nation’s critical safety infrastructure and create accurate maps of areas that lack adequate Internet access in order to ensure rural Americans are not left out. The Democrats will be joined by a medical professional from Tennessee, who relies on high-speed Internet access to save patients’ lives and bring healthcare to rural communities, via Skype.


Live Stream here at 9:45 Pacific Time, 12:45 Eastern Time.

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