America’s Digital Divide

The Senate Joint Economic Committee report on America’s  digital divide.

Our economy is increasingly becoming dependent on access to high-speed internet connections.1 Access to the internet brings unprecedented economic opportunities for users, especially for people living in remote areas, for whom the internet opens a window to the world. The internet, and access to it, has changed our world in such a profound way that for many people, life without it is unimaginable. While most Americans are able to connect to the internet in some form today, many Americans can’t log on at the high speeds needed to realize the full potential of the internet. Americans living in remote, rural, and tribal communities, in particular, tend to have less access to the highspeed broadband internet connections that many newer technological innovations require. There are also affordability divides that prevent many individuals from getting online or accessing adequate speeds at home. While broadband internet access has increased over time, there remains a digital divide in access to and adoption of high-speed internet. Closing this gap must be a priority, and will take a substantial federal investment to do.

Full Report is HERE:the-digital-divide-

Sixty-one percent of California’s rural residents do not have access to broadband!

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