USTelecom Urges Against Dropping Broadband Benchmark

Comments poured into the FCC on Thursday in response to the agency’s Section 706 inquiry into broadband deployment, which has raised Democratic ire over questions about dropping the broadband standard from 25/3 Megabits per second to 10/1 and considering mobile broadband as a substitute for home service. “At this time, lowering the current fixed service benchmark would be unduly disruptive,” USTelecom told the commission, urging no change to the standard. NCTA, representing cable companies, urged the agency to consider multiple speed thresholds and to consider 10/1 Mbps for mobile services. Meanwhile, Incompas, a trade group repping Google Fiber, Sprint and T-Mobile, said that when there are more than two providers, the FCC may want a threshold that’s even higher. Other commenters, including Public Knowledge, warned the inquiry’s framing could end up “hiding the true state of broadband” in the U.S. Source: Politico Morning Tech

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